Our Team

Five years ago, our team began envisioning a Lowcountry that could prosper with the tides, not in spite of them. We foresaw the need for pioneering technologies to bridge the information gap and facilitate development of regionally coordinated resilience strategies. We recognized the value in empowering those most impacted by flooding with informative tools that also gave them a voice in the conversation about sea level rise. We knew that the synergies generated from freely and equitably connecting people and technology would yield optimal resilience-building solutions for Lowcountry communities.

Today, our team’s mission – to equitably empower Lowcountry communities with insightful digital solutions for resilience – has connected us with you. Let’s envision a more resilient future together.

Ask us anything. We’re here to help you elevate your community’s resilience to severe weather events and sea level rise.

Photo courtesy of Jared Bramblett.

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